Surfing Beach Paros

Surfing Beach and Environmental Guidelines

Natura 2000

Surfing Beach Paros Camping / Village is located within the Special Protection Area (SPA) «NISIDES PAROU KAI NOTIA ANTIPAROS» GR4220025 European Network NATURA 2000. This is mainly important area for migratory waterfowl and breeding raptors and seabirds, as Falco peregrines , Larus cachinnans – and Gull Larus audouinii – wild seagull.

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Water: a precious resource
Water is a collective good and, as such, it has to be used rationally. During the summer period, in particular, the use of water should be limited to the bare necessities. Please always remember to close water taps after use and to limit the time of your showers.

Rational Use of electricity:
Summer sunlight provides natural illumination for many hours of the day. Please try to use this resource as much as possible instead of using artificial lighting. When using personal lighting devices please attempt to use lamps with power inferior to 60W or to use power saving light bulbs. Please remember also to switch off the external lights of your caravan at night and to avoid wasting electricity in cottages.

The Beach:
On the Santa Maria beach there are numerous bins for the collection of garbage which we invite you to use. Please also note that the use of soap or shampoo is not allowed when taking showers on the beach as these products would damage the surrounding environment. Please report to the life-guard the presence of any abandoned garbage on the beach.